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The crew at work and screenshots…

Working with CorpFilms [UK] has both a serious and fun side to it. We're committed and highly professional in what we do but we also ensure everyone we come into contact with enjoys and values the experience.

Interactive interviews & trailers
Michelle prepares for interactive inverview. Barcley reveals his story of drug addiction in a series of 10 patient case studies, each with social media trailers
Night time car scenes
Technically challenging sequence of night time, car scenes explain the lengths some professional people may go to, to hide their addictions. CorpFilms fully story-lined, scripted & storyboarded this sensitive promo.
Preparing motorised Camera Crane
Preparing our motorised Camera Crane for another factory shoot. Far safer than drones for indoor and close to publc shots
Teleprompter helped Richard keep on script
At the lower end of our production scale. Richard found our Teleprompter helped him keep on script during this multicam 'Talking Head'
CorpFilms and marketing partner V8Media at Herefordshire Business expo
CorpFilms and marketing partner V8Media exhibiting at Herefordshire Business Expo. Terry Anderson, Claire Wozencroft, Callum McTear
Sharon Kidson (The Growth Cycle) receiving prize voucher from Terry Anderson (CorpFilms) and Callum McTear (V8Media)
CorpFilms + V8Media partnership presenting Buiness Expo star prize to Sharon Kidson. A video commercial + social media marketing the video
Presenter, Michelle takes viewers #BehindTheDoor in Herefordshire
Film for @Fastershire campaign. Presenter, Michelle invites viewers to come #BehindTheDoor to meet amazing businesses in Herefordshire
Film premiere of #BehindTheDoor @Fastershire with campaign partner V8Media
Film premiere of #BehindTheDoor. Cllr Graham Powell, Matt Smith,
Terry Anderson and marketing partner Claire Wozencroft of V8Media
Not Robo Cop. It's Terry 'A' on Steadycam
Mary Rhodes TV calls him Robo Cop but it's really Terry 'A' on Steadycam filming the Haka Man (conference energiser)
400 business leaders learning how to do the Haka
As viewed from the stage. 400 business leaders at conference learning how to Haka. Don't we just love what we do!
Terry 'T' interviews and delivers piece to camera
Terry 'T' interviews and delivers piece to camera. Terry 'A' on Steadycam & Ethan on shoulder mount
Live camera feed to confernce screens
Ethan on live camera feed to confernce screens. Michelle filming for the promo & Terry 'A' keeps watchful eye on how it's going
Molson Coors Brewery using our 4 metre Camera Crane
Client watches on whilst filming high a level motion pan at Molson Coors brewery using our 4 metre Camera Crane
Camera crane: Overhead horizontal motion pan shows the printing presses then drops to Michelle presenting
Very effective single shot. Overhead horizontal motion pan shows the printing presses then drops to Michelle presenting to camera
Camera Crane with under slung motorised head
Testing our new 4 metre Camera Crane with 360 degrees rotational swing plus motorised pan & tilt before it goes on its first job next week
Camera Crane on its first outing at Martsons Brewery
Our new 4 metre Camera Crane on its first outing enabled us to film inside the factory at Marstons brewery in complete safety
Interview with Mary Rhodes and Richard Gervber
Michelle interviews Mary Rhodes and Richard Gerver during live filming of West Midlands School Leaders Annual Conference
V8Media and CorpFilms partnership stand at business Expo.
CorpFilms and V8Media partnership stand at business Expo. Left to right Claire & Tom (V8Media) Michelle & Terry (CorpFilms)
Multicam and presenter exit interviews
Michelle conducts exit interviews at West Midlands School Leaders Annual Conference. Paul on Cam1 shoulder mount, Terry on Cam2 steadycam
Steadycam 'Question Time' (crew filming)
'Question Time' styled steadycam live filming to vision mixer & overhead projection at West Midlands School Leaders Annual Conference
Chimalin (screen shot)
Creative ideas: Exposing the flaws of competitor products is risky so we story lined this advert as a product review giving a positive comparison.
Synch cameras Chimalin (crew filming)
Synchronising two cameras to get different perspectives. Presenter Terry Turnbull drenching the Gardeco chimenea
Green screen stings
Green screen stings enabled the Fastershire project to co-promote its rural roots using Herefordshire countryside scenes and landmarks
Steadycam 'Question Time' (crew filming)
Filming delegates & panel in BBC style 'Question Time'. A crew of two using Multi-cam & Steadycam can be very effective
Hair extension tutorials  (crew filming)
"Camera, lights, sound, bleached white background - Action"
Hair extension tutorials (screen shots)
Hair extension tutorials filmed against stylish white background
Presenters  (screen shots)
Our strength is content creation for marketing & sales promotional films. One specialty is presenters/actors. Michelle, Susie and Terry " T "
Business Expo
Technical Director, Terry Anderson and Presenter, Michelle Scott at Chamber of Commerce business exhibition
Gantry rig in use (being filmed)
This is how we set up gantry rig and multi-cam for filming the product user guides (right)
'How to' product guide
With gantry rig and multi-cam similtaneously filmed then synchronised product guides showing operator functions and close up of LED display
Microsoft presentation  (screen shot)
Not all our projects are big productions. Highlights low budget Microsoft pesentation although, as you'd expect, we synchonised with two cameras
Steadycam tour (screen shot)
Stanley Kubrick "Steadicam has revolutionised the way films can be shot" We filmed this 9-minute virtual tour in one continous uninterrupted shot
Oakland Int promo  (crew filming)
Michelle presenting, Terry on Cam1 whilst Steph hides in the background logging the shot list to the storyboard.
Oakland Int (preparing to film)
Steph fits high tech insulation (okay, it's really Bubble Wrap) to Cam2. We're now ready to go into Oakland International's freezer at -20c
Spencer Kelley  (screen shot)
Michelle interviews Spencer Kelly, presenter of the BBC technology programme 'Click', at the CREATE NWE digital technology conference.
Spencer Kelley & CorpFilms crew
Group hug, Terry, Spencer Kelley and Michelle, after the interview.

Penny Power OBE interview  (screen shot)
Michelle interviews Penny Power OBE Co founder of Ecademy, at the CREATE NWE digital technology conference.
Destination Worcestershire conference & expo
Terry, at Destination Worcestershire annual conference, discusses hotel tours by our professional presenters and using our fantastic steadycam
e-Learning workshop (crew filming)
Needing maximum mobility, we chose a shoulder mount camera rig when filming interactive feedback at this E-learning workshop.
loading company  4x4
Whilst everyone else enjoys the sunny Bank Holiday, Terry checks & loads up equipment for a 3-day Video Shoot.
Interactive interviews  (crew filming)
Researched interactive interviews: Filmed with 3 cameras + Michelle presenting. Studio set up for client at their business expo
Interactive interviews (preparing)
Terry & Michelle explain to one of the interviewees, how we'll be filming and puts her at ease
Steadycam tour
Steadycam: Conducted premises tour with Owner/Director
Victorian Fayre Worcester  (screen shot)
Victorian Fayre: Filmed for ITV Central & Chamber of Commerce
Driver's seat  (screen shot)
Often asked "How did you film that?" Sorry, our secret. We're not telling
Gradient white screen
Filmed on white screen with added gradient for highlighting effect
Colour grading before (screen shot)
Colour grading: Predicted trend for 2014
Colour grading after screen shot
This is one we did in 2013
Chamber of Commerce Business Awards stage (screen shot)
Pyrotechnics firing up at Chamber of Commerce Business Awards
Chamber of Commerce Business Awards intervie (screen shot)
Terry T interviews awards sponsor. Terry A on cam 1, Paul on cam 2
Full height green screen (crew filming)
Client studio green screen shoot. Steph on teleprompter
Walk on present green screen (crew filming)
Susie filming a "Website Walk-on Presenter". Steph on teleprompter
Steadycam from golf buggy  (crew filming)
Even 15 mph off road can be scary: Terry on Steadycam filming Susie
Press release photo
Worcs C.C. press release: Terry and Robert Dowty, Ombersley Golf
product adver (crew filming)
Terry & Susie filming more "In Store" adverts
Business Expo promo (screen shot)
Michelle "Live News Report" Malvern business expo' (Steadycam shoot)
Digby Jones interview (screen shot)
Susie interviews Lord Digby Jones, Baron Jones of Birmingham, Kt.
Paul Thandi (NEC group) interview preparation
Susie's final preparation for interview of Paul Thandi, C.E.O. NEC group
Buisness expo
Michelle looks after our stand at Droitwich business exhibition
HomeXperts talking heads screen shot
Put at ease. Who'd think Emma was nervous before going on camera?
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