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Will pretty pictures alone sell your business?
The answer is "Probably no". Competent filming and editing is a fundamental requirement of all professional Video Production Companies, however, "successful" corporate films extend far beyond the basic fundamentals of moving pictures with sound. It is therefore NOT a foregone conclusion that camerawork and editing skills alone will guarantee your film to be engaging and effective.

Whilst some videos may "look nice", they might even have some impressive action shots, a simple test to measure the effectiveness of any production is to watch it just once, then ask yourself. "What did I learn?", "How much of it can I remember?", "Does it inspire me to pick up the 'phone to talk with that organisation or buy that product?"

What type of producer do you want?
Because film production is not an off-the-shelf product, there are no set formulae. Producers' specialties, production standards and resources vary significantly. You only get what you pay for so this does of course also bring a wide range of pricing structures.

Corporate promotional films and product adverts are about, communications, marketing and sales, so it's sensible to choose a production company that understands and specialises in those specific disciplines. Don't be too influenced by a producer's show reel that only has a montage of slick imagery and music. Ask to see scriptwriting and storyboards from previous productions as it's important to see structured workflows and what's behind how the content is devised.

Production Companies normally specialise in certain types of films. You would no more expect an epic film producer to video a talking head or a 'V'log for your website, than expect a keen amateur to produce a TV documentary, so a wedding videographer, TV cameraperson, photographer or a friend who has just completed a media degree would not be a good choice to produce a marketing promotion or product advert. Importantly, the underlying skills differ.

The most important point to take away
Recognise those differences and take account of them in your decision process. If you don't you may end up with a montage of moving images that could easily be similar to your competitors; that doesn't differentiate your organisation with compelling reasons to engage with you and therefore doesn't achieve your aims. Your money and the opportunity will have been wasted as it's unlikely you will get a second chance to make a first impression!

So what's the next step?
Provide a short "initial" written brief.

Give an overview of your organisation. Write a synopsis of your "primary" objective. Simply stating "To get more sales" isn't accurate enough. Identify the main points you wish to communicate, anything you wish to feature and their locations. Don't attempt to achieve too many objectives or overload your list of items to be included assuming you will get more for your money. The exact opposite will result. Many films fail because viewers struggle to take it all in, achieving less, if anything at all.

Identify who your target audience is, what you want them to do, how you plan to show your film and any critical timescales.

Finally, price levels are first guided by clients and not the production company. An indication of your budget will guide the producer what options can be considered to give you the best solution within your price range.

A competent Production Company should be able to respond with provisional ideas, an indication of what might be produced within your budget and a closer estimate of the actual cost.

It should be noted that a conscientious Production Company will not yet be in a position to provide you with a detailed storyline, but should be able to demonstrate that it has a good understanding of your project. At that point you need to decide whether you wish to proceed and with whom.

Now the real work can begin

It's important to re-visit your "initial" brief and update it (see below), having discussed it with your chosen producer.

Further details and the likely production requirements can be established during the Pre-Production process. This is a creative process that should be allowed to "evolve" without too many pre-conceived restrictions.

The Production Company should be able put forward their ideas and suggestions how to achieve your aims. Have an open mind and be willing to listen to its advice, after all they are the professionals.

Only when everything has been agreed will it be possible to assess all the required resources, enabling the producer to finally provide an accurate fee based upon those proposals, produce a script and storyboard for your approval. Finally, arrangements to start filming can now be put into place.

1/ Appointing the right Production Company is the most critical decision you will make in the entire process. It is paramount that you identify which company approaches your project with the specialist skills, resources and emphasis upon how best to achieve your objectives.

2/ A clearly thought through written brief with defined objectives will guide you, your production company and also be a measure by which to judge the finished film.

These pre-requisites are the most significant contributors to "success" or "failure". Remember, it's not just about producing pretty moving pictures.

So how do we compare?
Whilst the show reel above includes a brief overview, the process we follow is methodical and detailed.

* We offer our clients a '10 Point Guide To A Successful Filming Brief ' enabling the initial brief to be fine-tuned.

* Ours is a Three-stage production process to get everything exactly right.


If you're planning a production why not give CorpFilms [UK] a call? We follow a structured process to deliver optimum results.
"It's what we're known for. It's what we do well"

CorpFilms [UK] specialises in 'high-end' corporate film production. * Company Promotions * Web and Point of Sale adverts * Training, Employee Inductions and e-Learning * Product 'How to' User Guides & Demonstrations * Live Events and Award Ceremonies * Interactive Interviews
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